Pine Trees

Been working on a ton of new stuff recently. Loads of different things, of course it all relates to everything else I’ve posted about. I’ve been in more of a rapid prototype stage where I come up with a cool concept make a prototype in a few days and then ditch the project and work on something else.

This is something I finished almost two months ago, I picked it up and improved it and then tonight I picked it up again. It’s an interesting way of drawing stylistic pine trees using particles. I threw on a background mountain using some new noise algorithms I developed for a different project and some grass that uses a similar technique. I think it looks pretty good for what it is. Everything is essentially drawn using a particle that starts thick and then gradually grows thinner as it decays. Its fairly easy to see how this works just by looking at the picture.

 pinescenes27  pinescenes33pinescenes38pinescenes45

I have included the pictures in order so you can see how the forest grows in the landscape. This is ultimately just a prototype. I will improve the method later and fix any bugs (like the horrible branch overlap). But I think it really helps me see how a simple scene can actually look good, even with a very small amount of code.

If you are interested in more information feel free to contact me here anytime.


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