Always Improving

Recently I’ve been hard at work improving the 3D component of the terrain generator. I’m always finding things I can improve. Recently I’ve switched from having the whole image render behind the scenes to watching it animate step by step. With the recent addition of trees this has become really cool.


As you can see in the above image trees are in, each one is unique and you get to watch it grow.
with rayshadows without

I recently made the decision to stop raycasting shadows. Originally I used a brute-force raycaster to compute shadows and add some definition to the landscape but I realized that it wasn’t adding much to the scene. The top image uses both the raycasting shadow, and my current form of shading, based completely off of slopes. The top picture does have a little more definition but I think for how slow it is, it’s just not worth keeping. In the next week or so I’ll do some more in-depth posts to show off the changes to the terrain generation algorithms and the improvements to the Tree generating algorithms.


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