I’ve done a lot of work optimizing lately, using blender and python is not exactly the fastest way to model a scene. It’s obviously much faster than modelling by hand but it is still slow. I started running some tests once I figured out how to print an output to the screen, something blender doesn’t […]

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Stratus Clouds

I know, I know, I showed off the fancy new stratus clouds yesterday but did I mention how much I love their aesthetic? I can’t get enough of it, here’s a few renders. Hopefully you understand what I mean. (Click on pictures to enlarge)

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I finally figured out an intuitive way to draw my new trees, it’s not fully fleshed out I still need to work on drawing the crown but its looking way better. I am now using recursion to place branches and 1 dimensional perlin noise to draw the trunks. It is awesome. Due to the sheer […]

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I figured I should post a bunch of renders to show a little more of whats going on. I tend to only highlight the big things and maybe you’d enjoy to see some plain old pictures so here they are! Here is a large forest scene during autumn, Lots of variation in colors, a few […]

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Details, Details, Details!

I have been doing all kinds of things lately, many small things, such as replacing my Perlin noise with Simplex and making the sky color responsive to the time of day. But also a few big changes have come as well, above you can see an example of a new cloud type, It still needs […]

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New Trees and Some Concepts!

Had lots of time to work on Low-Polygen recently and thus finally got some good work done. For awhile now I have been concepting the trees pictured above. I got the curving trunks working in blender (which was a pain by the way), but I kept running into weird bugs that kept me from finishing […]

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Bushes! (And other stuff)

Okay. So the trend continues, I repeatedly get near a finished product on some sort of model I’m working on and run into a road block. But that’s okay because I finally got some good work done. I figured out a way to get the bushes looking similar to how I envisioned them. I think […]

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