I’ve been working on implementing new types of trees, much more interesting types of trees in fact. But I’m not finished anything. The funny thing is I’ve managed to knock off all the easiest things that will be implemented. Although a cylinder with a cone or sphere on top looks really nice, it doesn’t take […]

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Basic Biome Construction.

Spent a long time on defining multiple biomes, originally every time I ran the program a random height was set and that effected the color scheme and tree numbers and so on. I realized this framework couldn’t really support any interesting development. So I defined five biomes and four seasons and they all have different […]

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New Seasons.

As you can see in the above image I tweaked the color scheme of the simple deciduous trees to reflect more autumn colors. I really enjoy the effect, I think it adds a lot of coherence to the overall image. This is just one minor step on my┬ápath to adding seasons. From the beginning I […]

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Last night I was struck by a moment (or a few) of inspiration and I set to work on clouds. I still have some minor tweaks that I would like to make on them but at this point I am more than happy with how they have turned out. I initially used a technique where […]

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Implemented Procedural Trees

The amount of progress already is stunning. I’m surprising myself. Implemented procedural trees (very basic models), implemented color shading for all objects within the model, and took a stab at scripting the basics of forests. Everything is in its most basic forms, there will be improvements made across the board as time goes on but […]

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Just The Beginning

Well, there’s only one place to start. I am creating this project purely for the enjoyment of creating something interesting (which in turn creates something else). So far I have implemented Perlin Noise and a height-map, which is already generating some awesome results. I am by no means an expert on procedural generation, or programming […]

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