Simple Mountains

I threw together a quick little landscape study this past weekend and wanted to share some pictures. Click on a picture to see full sized I am quite pleased with the results, I find myself clicking through and just staring at them. I set up the program in a processing sketch and to generate new […]

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Sketched Scenes

I’ve been doing tons of things since my last post! They’re just not usually polished works and they tend to be small mock-ups that ┬ádon’t feel like they’re worth sharing. But I figured I’d put something up. So here’s a little thing I did. It started off as an attempt to mimic the style found […]

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Map Generator

Recently I’ve been working on generating world data using a heightmap and various other forms of noise. I start by generating a heightmap that looks like this. I then use that to create temperature and moisture maps that look like these. The temperature map combines the height data with the distance from equator along with […]

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Pine Trees

Been working on a ton of new stuff recently. Loads of different things, of course it all relates to everything else I’ve posted about. I’ve been in more of a rapid prototype stage where I come up with a cool concept make a prototype in a few days and then ditch the project and work […]

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Tower Studies!

Just for fun I have been working on this little program that generates Fire Lookout towers. I’m pretty happy with the results. I’m trying to figure out good ways of generating geometry. I’m considering extending this to output a sort of schematic view where you can see the tower from all sides. Maybe later. For […]

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Impressionist Particle Study

I have been experimenting with a new way to render my images. Previously it was done in an animated fashion using a bunch of randomly placed ellipses. I explained this in an earlier post. The intent behind this method was to render the scenes in a painterly style. I wanted the end product to resemble […]

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Always Improving

Recently I’ve been hard at work improving the 3D component of the terrain generator. I’m always finding things I can improve. Recently I’ve switched from having the whole image render behind the scenes to watching it animate step by step. With the recent addition of trees this has become really cool. As you can see […]

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